Support for Children and Teens with Bipolar Disorder

Articles, advice and information from doctors, therapists, psychologists, moms, dads and other family members on education, socialization, stigma and getting support for children and teens living with bipolar disorder and their families.

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Bipolar & Kids: The Importance of Friends & Fun

James Waxmonsky MD
October 1, 2009

Playing, with friends, connections and a positive self image can help prevent episodes of depression, which is critically important for children living with bipolar disorder.   By James Waxmonsky, MD   Children develop and polish their social skills through play, and play is how they connect to friends. Those skills and friendships are essential building blocks...


Bipolar & Kids: Tips For Selecting A Babysitter

James Waxmonsky MD
February 1, 2009

Every parent deserves, needs, and benefits from a break—more so when you have a child with bp. With that in mind, whom do you turn to for help? By James Waxmonsky, MD   First, I want to emphasize the importance of this issue. Every parent deserves, needs, and benefits from a break—more so when you...


Kids & Bipolar: Supporting the Siblings

Patricia Olsen
August 5, 2005

When parents and caregivers lovingly and continuously support their child or children with bipolar disorder, what happens to the other kids that live in the household? Jane, 12, whose family lives in Tennessee, remembers asking her mother Molly to take her to a discount store one Sunday to buy a few things. Her mother said no. But...


Teens & Bipolar: Navigating College

Nicole Peradotto
February 7, 2005

A new study reveals startling statistics—not only about students diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but their parents as well. According to a 2004 major mental health survey commissioned by NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) and Abbott Laboratories, students at institutions of higher learning are suffering in surprisingly high numbers. Released on October 9, 2004,...