5 Rules To Keep Your Manic Hypersexual Urges Under Control

Last Updated: 6 Apr 2021

Here are 5 tips to help you control your hypersexual urges before they control you.

Over the past few months, I’ve been getting an increased number of people on my blog that are curious as to how I’m able to keep my hypersexuality under control. For me, if I don’t stay focused, I’ll never be able to conquer it. Here are 5 rules I created for myself that have been a tremendous help to me over the past year:

Rule 1: Limit your triggers.

I’m not even kidding when I say this is the hardest one to do. Whenever an advertisement pops up on my computer or an erotic scene in a movie starts, I tend to get triggered really bad. What I’ve learned to do is avoid them. That means change the channel, avoid those websites, or switch the radio station. It also mean that I can never watch some of my favorite movies ever again. It’s the world I’ve come to accept if I don’t want my bipolar II to take over my life.

Rule 2: Write your feelings down.

This may come as a shock to many of you but I hated writing. I honestly did. I was never the kind of person who would journal or even read. It wasn’t until I started to blog about 9 months ago that I realized exactly how helpful it was. It felt freeing to get all the bipolar clutter out of my head.

Rule 3: Contact your medical professionals.

Please don’t ignore the early signs and pretend you can handle them! I know how ridiculously tempting it is to just “ride the wave” and hold onto the mania. No one wants to let go of the natural bipolar high we get. Sooner or later though, the mania takes over your brain and makes you do things you would never do stable. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get medical help as soon as possible. If necessary, check yourself into the emergency room. Do whatever you can to make sure the situation doesn’t spin out of control.

Rule 4: Call someone.

As soon as you start to feel tempted to act out, call a friend or family member. I can’t emphasize this enough! You are powerless against the unearthly draw of a brain malfunction gone haywire. Your primal instincts are trying to make you do things that are destructive to your health and well-being. Unfortunately, you cannot do it alone. You just can’t. You need a third party outside of your brain to set you back on track. Reach out to people in your life who care about you and know your goals for the way you want to live.

Rule 5: Keep your goal always in mind.

You may be doing it to stay faithful to a spouse or partner. You may be doing it to protect your children. You also may be doing it to protect yourself from physical or legal ramifications. Whatever your reason, stay focused on the end goal. If you want to live a life free the bondage of acting out, then you need to concentrate on the initial reasons you stopped in the first place. Those are your true beliefs regardless of how you may feel right now. Don’t ever lose sight of them.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be much better off. This doesn’t mean that the urges will go away or that you won’t be tempted ever again. All it means is that you have control over the mania rather than the mania having control over you. What helps me keep things in perspective is equating my hypersexuality to a bear in a cardboard cage. When that bear wakes up, there is nothing I can physically do to stop the bear from tearing that cage apart and going on a rampage. I need help. Once you accept that you are powerless over the lust, it becomes a battle of wits versus brute strength. You are far more capable of outmaneuvering the problem rather than facing it head on.

Remember, you are force to be reckoned with. Bipolar has no power over you. Don’t be afraid rather step up and take charge of your life. Your behavior is a symptom of an illness.

Don’t let the symptoms take over and ruin your life.

About the author
​Jess Melancholia is a bipolar blogger who resides in San Diego, California with her husband and cat. All throughout college, she struggled with depression and anxiety. She found it extremely difficult to balance school, work, and singing in her university gospel choir. This pattern continued after graduation for years with short intervals of hypomania scattered in between. Only when her father, a Navy veteran, was diagnosed with PTSD and Major Depression did she look into her own mental health. In May of 2014, she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder 2. She experienced her first major manic episode in January 2015. For 9 months, her mania kept increasing and was left unnoticed and untreated. During this time, she struggled with hypersexuality. When her mania subsided, she crashed into a severe depression and became suicidal. It was after this that she did intensive outpatient therapy and started to blog about her struggles with bipolar disorder. Since coming to terms with her illness, she has found the strength to take charge of her health and be more proactive in managing her triggers. Nowadays, through medication and a strong support system, she works tirelessly to live a “normal” life and keep her manic and depressive episodes under control. Her favorite hobby is playing horror video games. Her daytime profession is a molecular biologist at a biotechnology company. She writes for The Huffington Post and The International Bipolar Foundation. She also writes about her personal journey on her blog, The Bipolar Compass.
  1. after cleaning the house i sudden feel horniness/hypersexuality i am single can marriage stop this things forever or not thx alot

  2. Great article. I think I am hypersexual as well.

  3. This article was very helpful. I just came off a hyper sexual episode. I’m thinking clearly and need to find the triggers. I will be fine and then that’s all I think about. I’m a mom and I have stuff to do. Important stuff. Happy to see that some are Christians. I don’t feel so alone trying to live a sexually pure life with this illness.

  4. Thank you for the advice I used to get by through a schedule I knew how to get by but ever since the pandemic it’s gotten harder and harder and it’s really starting to take a tole

  5. I think i am single thats why i am suffering with hypersexuality….i think once i will get a partner or i will married this things will get clear…am i thinking right is thins going to happen or not plzz tell me and help me

    1. As much as I wish it were true that having a partner makes it easier it hasn’t for me I’m fighting for my marriage because of this.

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